Massive Support for the United States of Europe

A poll conducted by this blog have just shown that there is a massive support among the European population for the creation of a federal Europe.

The poll showed that 71.3 % of the European citizens supported the idea of a federal Europe. Only 28.7 % opposed the idea. Among the aliens, i.e. non EU citizens, the support was virtually non existant. 100 % of the non EU-population rejected the idea. While the reason for this is out of the scope of the poll, it is my guess that these people have not seen Europe in its true glory.

Though, it is expected that even these people will change their views on the topic in due time.


Anonymous said...

Att dra en sådan slutsats baserad på vad de som besöker denna blogg anser är helt orimligt. Hur skulle svaren ha sett ut om samma fråga ställts på europaparlamentariken Jonas Sjösteds hemsida?

Hannibal Holm said...

Det var ett skämt... se den underförstådda tonen i inlägget. De riktiga siffrorna (i Sverige) ligger på en ca 10 - 20 %.