A Dark Day for Europe

The referendum did not turn out well in France, the axis of evil (Fabius, Wilders and Buffet) prevailed. We can't give up in our quest to unify the people of Europe, and build a federal union of the European people.

Now is not the time perhaps, but the vital elements in the constitutional treaty: more power to the EP, mutual defence guarantees, the Unions foreign minister and the stop of the rotating presidency in the Council; must be implemented as soon as possible; perhaps 2007 when Bulgaria and Romania joins.

We seem to have taken the idea of Europe for granted, today we know we can never do that. We must work together and spread the idea of Europe, on the streets, in the coffee rooms, at work and all other places.

There will come a day when all borders in Europe have been torn down, when we stand together as one people united in diversity. It is not this day, but the day will come.

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